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Antonio Ferreira

As a legally qualified and admitted Advocate of the High Court of South Africa, with a Master’s Degree in Business Leadership and currently studying towards my second Master’s Degree in Communications and Information Law, I specialize in general, public and private international law, covering among others, contracts, patents, tenders, treaties, legislation, court papers and correspondence. I also provide advisory and consulting services to management on various aspects in the corporate environment ranging from, litigation, financial restructuring, organisational change, labour and industrial relations, surveys and research, and turnkey projects.

This requires skill and knowledge on project management, finance and operations management. In recent years my focus has moved towards the financial services sector and business in general, including privacy law, media and communications.

However, over the last 20 years as a Sworn Translator, I have developed a portfolio of material involving a wide variety of fields, which include legal, medical and forensic pathology to chemistry, engineering, pharmacology, construction, clinical studies, with a considerable amount of work done in broadcasting, music and entertainment industry. Media and privacy have been added over the last year, covering aspects such as the legal environment, systems implementation and training in different jurisdictions.

Strategy plays an important role in determining the success of each case and project, and brief.

Attention to detail and an eye for the precise is also a must when ensuring that a good product is delivered to the client, whether one one is dealing with a translation or transcription.

I am a Certified Sworn Translator in the English<->Portuguese language combination, translating, editing, proofreading and transcribing documents in both languages.

I also translate and transcribe in the English<->Afrikaans language combination, as well as from Spanish into English and French into English.

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