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F2 is a business consultancy focused on shaping the “business game” in corporate strategy, legal matters and labour solutions. F2 was established to assist, empower and enable small and medium businesses to play a significant role in shaping their business.

Our approach to business is to acknowledge the unique needs of individual clients. It is not about selling the same concept to a group of different clients. For F2, shaping the game means assessing the playing field, reviewing the existing game plan, investigating the competitors and redeploying the team members and resources.

Through our inclusive approach to our clients, we not only respond to the game that has been played, but we actively shape any future games. We build on a strong interaction with our clients and offer our expertise, skill, knowledge and resources as a cost-effective package.

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Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not one bit simpler

~ Albert Einstein (1879-1955)

F² shapes the business game

Our Mission​

F2 actively shapes the future of small and medium businesses in general management, corporate strategy, legal and labour solutions through our network of consultants and associates – all experts in their individual fields. Our playing field is broad, but our service delivery is focused, targeted and driven by our passion for excellence.

who we are

Our team is made up and drawn from a group of highly qualified individuals who are experts in their respective fields and whose skills are coordinated to meet the needs of every client, depending on the nature and complexity of each project to be executed. The project teams’ credentials are presented to the client prior to commencement of the project.

Provide business solutions to ensure efficiency and effectiveness

Our Philosophy

There is one thing that is constant in all our dealings, whether they be in our personal daily lives or whether they be in the daily life of a business concern, and that is change.

South Africa is experiencing extraordinary change and transformation in all sectors of life and business. This change and transformation will not abate; in fact, it is likely to increase exponentially.

The process of transformation has not only been necessitated because of political activity but also as a direct result of South Africa entering the global village. South African businesses have become competitors in this global village where distances have decreased. South African businesses have to deliver goods and services in a cost efficient and effective manner whilst at the same time ensuring that their activities remain profitable. This is especially true for the small and medium sized business sectors.

F2 Business, Legal & Labour Solutions cater for the small to the medium sized business sector. We offer this particular sector our experience and expertise to provide business solutions to ensure efficiency and effectiveness – shaping the game!

We employ our unique model which is based on simplifying the business issues and processes in order to maximise productivity and profits.

Our unique business model is based on a tried and tested age-old maxim

We reduce the business issues to their constituent parts in order to find a simple solution that is not only cost effective but is aimed at long-term sustainable profitability, through enhanced strategy, efficient business processing, outstanding human capital and optimum technology.

Our company seeks to provide you with a tailor-made package that will satisfy all your business needs and provide you with a solution to your business issues without you having to search for additional support elsewhere.

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Our services

Facilitating and Implementation of transformational management processes and structures

Facilitating strategic planning sessions

Organisational Development & Restructuring

Drafting of Labour Policies and Processes and implementation of labour policies and processes

Conducting labour disciplinary hearings

Human resources management

Business processing and business process re-engineering;.​

Forensic Audits

Compliance Audits, drafting of Compliance Policies and Procedures and implementation, in all legal fields, including in terms of the Protection of Personal Information Act 4 of 2013 (POPIA) and the General Data Protection Regulations of the EU (GDPR)

Software Solutions & Website Development

COVID-19 compliance implementation and verification

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